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Nike Air Max 1 WMNS Light Pink is Officially Released

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asked Aug 7 by blair2019 (740 points)
Nike's new shoes Air Max 1 "Inside Out", the unique design of the inside and outside flip. The [URL=https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/nike-shoes/nike-air-max-1/]Nike Air Max 1 Inside Out[/URL] presents the inner splicing pieces and crepe lines on the surface upper, which is quite decomposed. The details are also very elegant, such as the Nike Logo of the shoe and the white size of the inner size, followed by the Swoosh Logo flip. The overall design is very eye-catching, and the value of the upper foot should be very good.

The [URL=https://www.sportjordans.com]Nike Air Max 720[/URL] Series is increasingly rich in color in the release calendar, offering unparalleled comfort with an unprecedented atmosphere cushion. In front of the eyes, the new uppers are covered with liquid silver, supplemented by inkjet techniques, enriching the color of the heel, and the huge "AIR" lettering is particularly eye-catching. The window air cushion is also displayed in a silver color, which collides with the pink inside to create a layered shape.

As one of Nike's most classic and representative shoes, the Air Max 1 is undoubtedly the most popular shoe on the street since its birth. Every year, Nike brings a lot of new colors. Recently, a pair of [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-air-max-1/]Nike Air Max 1 WMNS Light Pink[/URL] for girls has landed overseas. The overall style of the shoes is light pink, with purple on the upper and bright pink on the inside, giving a soft and sweet visual effect. Combined with the classic versatile shape of the Air Max 1, it is definitely a good choice for girls.

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